HSI Lecture Series

    CITL Convocation and 5 year Anniversary: Practicing Equity with Fidelity to Racial Justice

  • with Dr. Estela Bensimon

    April 14, 2021

    The good news is that the word “equity” is no longer feared as was the case two decades ago when people felt more comfortable with diversity talk. On the other hand, the popular appropriation of “equity” risks being whitewashed and decoupled from racial justice. Professor Bensimon spoke about engaging in everyday practices guided by racial equity as corrective justice, anti-racist action, and decentering of whiteness.

  • Campus Climate and Institutional Change: Advancing Diversity and Institutional Practice

  • with Dr. Sylvia Hurtado

    March 8, 2018

    Student's sense of belonging is largely influenced by the relationship they have with faculty. Dr. Sylvia Hurtado's lecture focuses on the climate of HSI campuses and draws attention to the ratio discrepancy between Latinx students and Latinx faculty. She discusses ways HSIs can help mediate the relationship between faculty and students, and how this will lead to a larger sense of belonging.  

  • Complicating A Latinx - Serving Identity

  • With Dr. Gina Garcia

    December 6, 2017

    Dr. Gina A. Garcia, a Chicana qualitative researcher from the University of Pittsburgh, posed the question "What does it mean to serve Latinx students"? Through a discussion of how post-secondary institutions become Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), she emphasizes that the center of focus should be to appropriately serve students by understanding the unique student body and culture that make up these institutions. Dr. Gina Garcia helps HSIs answer the initial question through an explanation of theories, classifications and studies.