GANAS Graduate SIURP Mentor Fellowship (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

The Graduating and Advancing New American Scholars (GANAS) Graduate Pathways Project is designed to unleash the potential of UCSC as a public Hispanic-Serving Research Institution (HSRI) – one of the few HSIs that is an R1 doctorate-granting university – by increasing the readiness of Latinx students from UCSC and California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) to apply and succeed in graduate programs.

GANAS Graduate Pathways includes interventions positioned to address the need to overcome institutional barriers that impede Latinx graduate student preparation, retention, advancement to candidacy, and completion. GANAS Graduate will build on existing strengths of the UCSC and CSUMB campuses to open the graduate school pipeline --currently very narrow -- for degree completion for Latinx students, students of color, and low-income students.

Program Description

The Summer Introduction to Undergraduate Research Program (SIURP) for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students at CSUMB and UCSC is a summer residential program that will expose Latinx and other underrepresented students to undergraduate research, graduate school pathways, and careers in academia. 

This activity will be collaboratively designed, building on the expertise of the CSUMB Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center (UROC) and the graduate student mentors. 

Role of Graduate Student Mentor Fellows

Mentor fellows play a crucial role in the planning and execution of the Summer Introduction to Undergraduate Research Program (SIURP) as they will develop activities during the winter and spring quarters that will expose students to undergraduate research and that will promote the learning outcomes of the program during the summer. This fellowship will grant fellows the opportunity to further their research and teaching skills through the engagement of undergraduate students and to receive training on culturally responsive mentoring.

For a full breakdown of the mentor fellows' role qualifications and responsibilities please click here.

Preparation period: Winter and Spring 2022 quarters
Two-week program dates: Sunday, July 10 - Saturday, July 23, 2022

Additionally, fellows will receive a $6,000 award* disbursed in three installments:

  • Winter 2022: $1,500
  • Spring 2022: $1,500
  • Summer 2022: $3,000

*Fellowship awards will be disbursed by the Financial Aid Scholarship Office in winter quarter 2022, spring quarter 2022, and summer 2022, to help defray the costs of your attendance at UCSC. The fellowship disbursement will be coordinated by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office and will be incorporated into any financial aid you may already have to ensure the total awards do not exceed the cost of attendance. In most cases, the fellowship will result in a credit for the specified amount on your UCSC student billing account unless the incorporation of the fellowship reduced other existing financial aid (i.e. scholarship reduced loan indebtedness).

The fellowship application is currently CLOSED. Please return to this page in September 2022 if you are interested in applying.



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