HSI In The News

A new class in the Arts Division aims to broaden students’ understanding of careers in the creative economy

"A first-time course in the UC Santa Cruz Division of the Arts has been introducing students to a wide array of professionals in creative fields to help them explore and prepare for arts careers. Entitled Careers in the Creative Economy, the class launched this spring as part of a number of campus initiatives funded by a grant to UCSC’s Hispanic-Serving Institution Initiatives..."


May 16, 2022

New program helps to increase number of Latinx teachers

"As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, UC Santa Cruz is constantly looking for ways to improve graduation rates and increase opportunities for Hispanic students to enter graduate programs and high-level professional careers."


November 17, 2021

UC Santa Cruz named 2021 HSI leader by Fulbright Program

"UC Santa Cruz is one of 35 Hispanic-Serving Institutions recognized for noteworthy engagement with Fulbright exchange participants by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)."


November 12, 2021

UC Santa Cruz joins Excelencia in Action Network to help advance Latinx student success

"UC Santa Cruz has joined the Excelencia in Action Network. The network is part of Excelencia in Education, a national research organization that works to accelerate Latinx student success by collaborating with policymakers and higher education leaders on the needs of Latinx students."

September 24, 2021

With AAU, HSI distinctions, UC Santa Cruz to join in discussion on serving, supporting Latinx students

"UC Santa Cruz—one of only four universities that is both a Hispanic-Serving Institution and a member of the Association of American Universities—will be represented in a panel discussion, 'A Critical Dialogue on Leading Innovation, Scholarship, and Solutions Centered on Servingness.'"


September 20, 2021

UCSC wins funding for new programs to support underrepresented doctoral students

"UC Santa Cruz has received two competitive grant awards from the UC-Hispanic Serving Institutions Doctoral Diversity Initiative (UC-HSI DDI) to fund programs that expand pathways to faculty careers for underrepresented minorities."

September 14th, 2021

Pairing research excellence and status as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, UC Santa Cruz launching new programs to advance educational equity

"Committed to creating educational equity that will help lead to real, transformative change, UC Santa Cruz will launch an array of new programs to support the success of Latinx, low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students and prepare them for rewarding careers once they graduate."

September 14th, 2021

Accessible Leaning Means Going Virtual 

"Every year, the HSI hosts an on-campus Multicultural Advising Conference at UCSC for advisors to learn how to manage student concerns, specifically dealing with microaggressions in academic advising and building multicultural humility. Due to COVID restrictions in 2020, it was proposed the conference be turned into an online course to allow participation from any location, and UCSC reached out to Cal State East Bay’s Online Master of Science in eLearning Program for assistance."

June 22, 2021

Graduate student advances university access for Latinx students

"Valeria Alonso Blanco wants to do anything she can to help Latinx transfer students have a successful experience at UC Santa Cruz. The second-year doctoral student in psychology has worked three years with the university’s Cultivamos Excelencia program, which motivates Latinx students to complete a research university degree. A colleague described her as a true scholar-activist."

January 7, 2021

HSI grant to support graduate students

"The $3 million Hispanic-Serving Institution grant from the U.S. Department of Education will help the campus increase the readiness of Latinx, low-income and students of color to apply and succeed in graduate programs."

October 19, 2020

New federal funding supports student success, equity

"A $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education will help UC Santa Cruz improve academic and career outcomes for undergraduate students and further advance the campus's capacity to increase racial equity."

September 16, 2020

UC Santa Cruz Hispanic-Serving Institution's innovative approach, supporting education access and addressing equity

"UC Santa Cruz is home to a diverse student body with scholars hailing from different communities throughout California, the U.S., and abroad. Each student brings their own story, history, and has a unique background. Among the many communities represented at UC Santa Cruz, one major group is the Latinx community. Since 2012, UC Santa Cruz has enrolled more than 25% Latinx students annually¹."

June 5, 2020

Communication and Collaboration - The new STEM Hub at S&E

"For many children in underrepresented communities throughout the country, college is a distant dream, attainable only by relentless hard work both by the student and their parents. Once university is achieved, these students face even more boundaries to success, and often lack the skills and community needed to thrive in and graduate from college. Retention rates among these groups are dismally low, so even though on the surface UC Santa Cruz is a far more inclusive campus than when I attended twenty years ago, we have a way to go in terms of creating an infrastructure that can support these students in the ways they need."

University Library Newsletter Issue 35 Fall 2019

Hispanic-Serving Institutions grant offers opportunities for Latino students to transfer to UCSC

"Where Melissa Nohemi Vergara grew up, outdoor recreation meant walking the concrete streets of East Los Angeles. At 15, she caught her first glimpse of wilderness during a Yosemite visit, and now, a decade later, she’s discovering her passions in the redwoods of UC Santa Cruz."

November 2, 2016

UC Santa Cruz project wins U.S. agriculture grant to diversify food studies

"A $275,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will help Colleges Nine and Ten at UC Santa Cruz expand projects in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties to promote food security and food justice among predominantly Spanish-speaking, farmworker families."

October 2, 2016

UC Santa Cruz embarks on equity initiative for Latino, low-income students in STEM fields

"To keep Latino and low-income students on a path to graduating with degrees in science and engineering, UC Santa Cruz has been awarded a $5.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s program for Hispanic-Serving Institutions."

September 28, 2016

Federal grants to support student success, equity initiatives at UC Santa Cruz

"Two grants from the U.S. Department of Education will help UC Santa Cruz increase achievement for Latinos and all students on campus, as well as partner with San Jose City College to help transfer students earn their bachelor's degrees at a research university."

October 26, 2015