GANAS Graduate Services Counselor

The GANAS Graduate Services Counselor (GSC) serves as a one-stop center for Latinx (aka Latine; Latino; Latina, etc.), POC, First-Generation, and Low-Income graduate students to address non-academic challenges that impede transition and degree completion. Services are designed to provide a safe space for holistic counseling and emphasize financial planning, budgeting, cost-control strategies, borrowing, and financial literacy.

*All UCSC graduate students are welcome to schedule a 1:1 appointment with the GANAS GSC! 

How do I set up an appointment with the GANAS GSC?

You can book an appointment during one of the available 1-hour time-slots on the Handshake platform. 

Once you make a Handshake profile (which can include as little or as much information as you wish), you can click on the top right-hand "Career Center" button, which leads to the UCSC page, where the appointments icon is located. 

What’s covered in GANAS GSC appointments?

  • Financial health, literacy, planning, and wellness;
    • Budgeting; Healthy Spending; finding funding
  • Campus Community and Cultural wellness
    • Navigating a New Space as a POC
  • Familial/Personal Responsibilities
    • Setting Boundaries
  • Campus & Community Resources
    • Programs; software; support
  • Graduate Reading & Writing Support
    • VOCES/Writing Center/ GANAS
  • Academic and Career trajectories
    • What DO you do with that degree?
  • Strategies for self-care
    • Tips, Tricks, and Practices to take care
  • Help with University forms and processes
    • LOA/In-Absentia/Part-time/Graduation etc.
  • + Anything else you might need!


For any questions or further assistance setting up an appointment, you're welcome to reach out directly to Angel Dominguez, Graduate Services Counselor, at