Meet Our Team

Hello & Welcome!

The HSI team can help you with questions about programs and services funded by HSI grants at UC Santa Cruz. We’re a group of dedicated individuals from the Division of Student Affairs and Success who enjoy supporting UC Santa Cruz’s diverse community. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our grants initiatives.

You can find our team members below:

HSI Staff & Leadership Committee  |  Initiatives Team  | Co-PIs, Partners & Collaborators

    HSI Staff

  • HSI staff oversee the development of future HSI grant initiatives and management of current grants, including program efficacy and data evaluation. You can contact them about our many partnerships with campus academic departments and other student services units. We’re happy to answer your question or connect you to the right team member.

    Charis Herzon Lydia Zendejas

    Charis Herzon
    Director, HSI Initiatives | (831) 459-3460

    Lydia Iyeczohua Zendejas
    Project Director, HSI Grants | (831) 502-7033
    Maria Garcia Alvaro Gonzalez
    Maria Garcia
    Contract & Grant Financial Analyst | (831) 502-8147

    Alvaro Gonzalez
    Equity Data Analyst | (831) 502-8733


    Shaye Haunschild
    HSI Initiatives 
    Financial Grant Analyst 

    Gwendelyn Rivera
    Director of Equity Assessment and Evaluation


    Elena Valencia
    Sara Sanchez
    GANAS Graduate Program Director
    Elena Valencia
    SEMILLA Grant Administrative Specialist | (831) 502-8734 

  • Leadership Committee

  • The UCSC HSI Leadership Committee has led the UC system in its transformation towards becoming a racially just Hispanic-Serving Research Institution. With their wealth of HSI policy knowledge and opportunities, they are positioned to provide exceptional leadership and authority for decision-making and resource allocation for success and sustainability.