Why this work?

It’s been said that equality is treating everyone the same, while equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.  As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, UC Santa Cruz has the enormous potential to provide educational equity to high potential students with unique challenges and responsibilities.

At UCSC all of our students have earned admission to the university based on academic rigor but not all students have the same resources and foundation to succeed at the university. Students’ communities, families, homes, economic backgrounds, and educational experiences vary widely -- leaving some students with greater challenges than others. To have a truly inclusive and excellent university we must acknowledge, understand, and design programs that account for and correct these disparities.

The university’s HSI status and related grants create unique programs for Latinx students academic success while serving as a pathway to build equity for the entire UCSC community at all levels.  

Equity Minded Goals

UCSC is confronting equity challenges by setting a vision and benchmarking achievement patterns of Latinos, low-income students, students of color and other underrepresented students. How do we do this?

  • Funds from HSI grants are raising the tide for all boats by redesigning gateway classes and support structures to increase their impact on equity for all students

  • Focusing on improving the early academic and social experiences of underrepresented students at UCSC

  • Introducing socially and culturally informed teaching innovations that are sensitive to a variety of educational backgrounds and needs

  • Increasing persistence and degree completion in all fields/across the disciplines

Our programs identify and empower amazing students from a wide variety of backgrounds toward their academic success. Investing in our students sends the message that we truly value diversity and will do all we can to make each student feel part of the UC Santa Cruz community and support their academic and personal transformations. 

What We Do

Support Students

The HSI team and federal grant funding provides Latinx students with academic and community building support as they enter UC Santa Cruz and work toward graduation. We hope to level the playing field and create greater equity at the university for those who are Latinx, first generation, low-income college students.

Navigate Transitions and Challenges

We provide resources and activities to help students successfully transition into UC Santa Cruz and navigate the university setting.

Build a Sense of Community for Students & Family

We strive to create a sense of belonging for our students that extends to their families who play an instrumental role in the academic success of our students.

Create Research-based Solutions

HSI researches the best ways to support Latinx students. We consider cultural background, socioeconomic factors, gender, identity and more to develop equity-minded programs uniquely meeting the needs of this growing demographic.

Empower Our Community

HSI empowers students, faculty, and staff to work together as an inclusive community to create academic and career success for underrepresented students at UC Santa Cruz.