GANAS Graduate Services Counselor

(photo taken by Robert Johnson III, a UCSC Environmental Arts and Social Practice MFA candidate.
(Photo taken by Robert Johnson III, a current UCSC Environmental Arts and Social Practice MFA candidate at the 2023 GANAS Doctoral Summer Bridge Program)

GANAS Graduate Student Holistic Counseling Appointments

The GANAS Graduate Services Counselor (GSC) serves as a one-stop center for Latine (Latinx; Latino; Latina, etc.), POC, First-Generation, and Low-Income graduate students to address non-academic challenges that impede transition and degree completion in the form of 1:1 holistic counseling appointments. Services are designed to provide a safe space for holistic counseling and emphasize financial planning, budgeting, cost-control strategies, borrowing, and financial literacy along with holistic wellness approaches and strategies. 

*All UCSC graduate students are welcome to schedule a 1:1 appointment with the GANAS GSC! 

What’s covered in GANAS GSC appointments?

  • Financial health, literacy, planning, and wellness;
    • Budgeting; Healthy Spending; finding funding
  • Campus Community and Cultural wellness
    • Navigating a New Space as a POC
  • Familial/Personal Responsibilities
    • Setting Boundaries
  • Campus & Community Resources
    • Programs; software; support
  • Graduate Reading & Writing Support
    • VOCES/Writing Center/ GANAS
  • Academic and Career trajectories
    • What DO you do with that degree?
  • Strategies for self-care
    • Tips, Tricks, and Practices to take care
  • Help with University forms and processes
    • LOA/In-Absentia/Part-time/Graduation etc.
  • + Anything else you might need!   

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In-person appointment information:

Please note, in-person meetings are only offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. The GSC office is located in the S&E Library, Room 213. Please note: All in-person indoor meetings will require KN95 or N95 Masking. In the event you do not have a mask, a mask will be provided to you by the GANAS GSC at the start of your designated meeting time. You may choose to switch to a Zoom or phone meeting format up to 1 hour before your designated meeting time by contacting the GANAS GSC via email. 


Winter 2024 GANAS Graduate Offerings


For any questions or further assistance setting up an appointment or just navigating graduate school at large, you're welcome to reach out directly to Angel Dominguez, Graduate Services Counselor, at