UCSC aims to create institutional transformation by centering servingness for Latinx students. Since becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in 2012, we have focused on cultivating relationships and collaborations with multiple campus stakeholders; sustaining and institutionalizing efforts that prove impactful for Latinx student success; and highlighting recognitions resulting from these efforts.

Below you will find a timeline of our major institutional accomplishments which outline the history of our first decade as an HSI.


  • Fall 2022 - UCSC is named a Fulbright HSI Leader for the second year in a row.
  • Fall 2022 - UCSC is awarded a $3 million HSI Title V grant, Cultivamos Excelencia aimed to support transfer pathways for students to UCSC and into research and graduate pathways.
  • Fall 2022 - UC Santa Cruz earns the prestigious Seal of Excelencia certification for work as a Hispanic-Serving Institution.
  • Summer 2022 - The EOP STEM holistic advising and program initiatives from the SEMILLA grant dedicated to building on students’ STEM identity and dismantling equity barriers are sustained.
  • Spring 2022 - UCSC becomes a member of the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities (HSRU).
  • Winter 2022UCSC Faculty Juan Poblete and UCLA Faculty Silvia Hurtado present on UC-HSI Initiatives at the Office of the President Regent: Academic and Student Affairs meeting.


  • Fall 2021 - UCSC is named a Fulbright HSI Leader.
  • Spring 2021The Multicultural Advising Conference, an initiative from the MAPA grant, is sustained as an e-Course in the UC Learning Center to provide advisers an opportunity to examine and reflect on student academic advising experiences. This milestone was made possible in collaboration with UCSC Learning & Development and Cal State East Bay’s Online Master of Science in eLearning Program.


  • Fall 2020 - UCSC is awarded a $3 million HSI Title V grant, Graduating and Advancing New American Scholars (GANAS) - Career Pathways.
  • Fall 2020 - UCSC is awarded $3 million HSI Title V grant, Graduating and Advancing New American Scholars (GANAS) - Graduate Pathways, becoming the only UC having received a Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) grant.
  • Fall 2020 - UCSC is awarded a supplemental grant (SEMILLA Remote Learning) to adjust and expand three of the SEMILLA grant activities that support students' remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Summer 2020 - The HSI Leadership Committee builds on the work of the earlier HSI Task Force and HSI Initiatives Team to develop new opportunities and advise UCSC leaders on HSI-related matters and educational equity.*
  • Summer 2020 - Chancellor Larive, CP/EVC Kletzer, and Interim VCSAS Baszile commit to sustaining Cultivamos Excelencia Project for 3 years.*
  • Winter 2020 - In Dr. Gina Garcia’s book, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Practice - Defining “Servingness” at HSIs, UCSC contributes five chapters highlighting HSI Initiatives and UCSC’s growth as a racially just HSI.


  • Fall 2019 - The STEM Hub opens at the Science and Engineering Library. 
  • Fall 2019 - UCSC is awarded a supplemental HSI Title III grant (SEMILLA Teach) to address the severe shortage of Latinx STEM teachers in K-12 California schools.
  • Fall 2019 - UCSC hosts the first UC-wide HSI Showcase and UCSC HSI Initiatives staff, faculty, and students present our campus progress.
  • Summer 2019 - El Centro Program Coordinator position, an initiative from the HSI MAPA grant, is sustained by institutional funding.


  • Fall 2018 - UCSC waives fees for Cultivamos Excelencia cross-enrollment students.*



  • Fall 2015 - UCSC is awarded two HSI Title V grants: $2.6 million for Maximizing Achievement Through Preparedness and Advising (MAPA) and $3.2 million for Cultivamos Excelencia, in partnership with San Jose City College (SJCC).


  • Spring 2014 - UCSC receives its first letter of designation, from the U.S. Department of Education, allowing us to apply for federal HSI grants.


  • Fall 2012 - UCSC reaches 27% enrollment of Latinx-identified undergraduate students, thus becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution.
  • Spring 2012 - Guided by then-CP/EVC Galloway’s Campus Strategic Plan, VPDUE Hughey charges HSI Task Force to review research and design UCSC’s plan to support underrepresented students and gain HSI funding.


* Institutional impacts