As a Research 1 University UCSC expands our identity to be a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution (HSRI). Thus, the HSI Initiatives team which is comprised of dedicated scholars and practitioners is committed to creating systemic institutional change rooted in data-driven practices. We seek to contribute to the nation's work on HSI efforts via publications and conference presentations. We are proud to share the impact of our student-centered programs and services in a number of articles and publications that highlight our best practices and the outcomes of our HSI work that started in 2012.

UC HSI Initiative Briefings and Reports

  • Covarrubias, R. & Quinteros, K. 2023. “UC Santa Cruz Faculty of Color: Exposing and Reforming Structures of Whiteness in Leadership”. UC Hispanic-Serving Institutions Initiative. Oakland, CA.
  • Cuellar, M.G., Poblete, J., and Contreras, F. (2023). Reimagining The University of California to Serve Latinxs Equitably: A Blueprint for Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution (HSRI) System. Davis, CA: Report Prepared for The University of California Office of the President.

Book Chapters

UCSC papers in G. A. Garcia (Ed.) (2020). Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Practice: Defining “Servingness” at HSIs. Information Age Publishing.

  • Bhattacharya, N., Sánchez Ordaz, A., Mosqueda, E., & Cooper, C. R. Redesigning the gateway college Algebra course with inclusive and asset-based pedagogy: Rethinking “servingness” at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. (pp. 97-116). 
  • Cooper, C. R., Reguerín, P. G., Herzon, C., Sánchez Ordaz, A., Gonzalez, E., & Rocha-Ruiz, M.  Unifying equity practice, research, and policies at a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution for systemic servingness. (pp. 175-193).
  • Covarrubias, R., Vazquez, A., Moreno, R., Estrada, J., Valle, I., & Zuniga, K. Engaging families to foster holistic success of low-income, Latinx first-generation students at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. (pp. 313-336).
  • Reguerín, P. G., Poblete, J., Cooper, C. R., Sánchez Ordaz, A., & Moreno, R. (2020). Becoming a racially just Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI): A case study of the University of California, Santa Cruz. (pp. 41-59). 
  • Sanchez Ordaz, A., Reguerín, P. G., & Sanchez, S. E. Using interactive theater to strengthen holistic advising at a Hispanic-Serving Institution: Messages of belonging and affirmation. (pp. 79-95).

Published Journal Articles

  • Bhattacharya, N., Langhout, R. D., Sylvane Vaccarino-Ruiz, S., Jackson, N., Woolfe, M., Matta, W., Zuniga, B., Rowe, Z., & Gibo, L. (2022). “Being a team of five strong women… we had to make an impression:” The College Math Academy as an intervention into mathematics education. American Journal of Community Psychology, 70, 228– 241. 
  • Casanova, S. & Alonso Blanco, V.J.** (2023, equal contribution authorship). "Transfers tend to be an afterthought”: The Role of Institutional Support for Staff in Creating a Receptive Culture for Transfer Students of Color. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.
  • Cooper, C. R., Rocha Ruiz, M., & Herzon, C. (2020). Using integrated logic models in research, practice, and evaluation to build educational equity in students’ pathways and systemic change, Equity and Excellence in Education, 53, 105-120.
  • Norouzi, N., Robinson, C., Covarrubias, R., Hernandez, R., Weldegabriel, D., Benner, G., Sang, W. & Espericueta, R. (2021, October). Baskin Engineering Excellence Scholars bridge program: Planning, implementation, and evaluation. In 2021 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) (pp. 1-8).
  • Ramirez, G., Covarrubias, R., Jackson, M., & Son, J. Y. (2020). Making hidden resources visible in a minority serving college context. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 27, 256–268.