The Cultivamos Excelencia grant funds the Community College Partnership Programs (CCPP) that aim to build meaningful relationships with BIPOC community college transfer students. 

CCPP consists of three components:

  1. General counseling for prospective and admitted transfer students
  2. The Transfer Scholars Pathways (TSP)
  3. The Summer Transition Program (STP)

Both TSP and STP provide a balance of intentional mentorship, counseling, and programming. TSP serves students who are interested in applying for admission at the University of California and provides one-on-one and group guidance. STP serves UCSC transfer students during their transition into UCSC during the summer. 

Some of CCPPs’ short-term goals are to increase:

  1. Knowledge and confidence in the transfer process 
  2. Financial literacy
  3. Stronger relationships with faculty and staff 

Some of CCPPs’ long-term goals are to increase:

  1. Enrollment of BIPOC students from community colleges 
  2. Degrees awarded to BIPOC transfer students
  3. Institutional partners invested in transfer student success

The benefits of being a part of the CE community are:

  1. Receiving guidance on the transfer application process
  2. Learning about the services and resources available at UCSC
  3. Developing meaningful connections with UCSC faculty, staff, and student leaders

Please review the program details listed above. If you still have remaining questions, please contact 

Also, check out our CCPP Staff Team page!