Doctoral Summer Bridge Program

The GANAS Doctoral Summer Bridge Program is a part of the GANAS Graduate Pathways Project and includes interventions positioned to address the need to overcome institutional barriers that impede Latina/o graduate student preparation, retention, advancement to candidacy, and completion.

The GANAS Doctoral Summer Bridge Program aims to prepare incoming Latinx, POC, first-gen, and low-income background students by providing a week-long program focused on best practices, campus resources, and student strategies to be utilized during their time with UCSC.

During the course of the week, students will be in community with the 3 GANAS Graduate Doctoral Summer Bridge Mentors, as well as the GANAS Graduate Services Counselor. Students will engage with various presentations and workshops highlighting the vast array of resources available to them as incoming graduate students. Students will also be given an introduction to various campus spaces and points of contact throughout the week in order to create a grounding sense of familiarity with their new environment.  

Anticipated Program Dates: July 22nd-29th 2023

  • On-campus housing and meals are provided for all program participants.

Learning Outcomes 

Students will work to develop preparatory skills and strategies to be successful graduate students in their respective departments and fields of study. Students participating in the Doctoral Summer Bridge Program should feel prepared to begin their first quarter at UCSC with a sense of confidence and community. 

The Doctoral Summer Bridge program aims to provide students with opportunities to:

  • Build community, 
  • Prepare for their new academic setting and research, 
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources,
  • Get introduced to faculty, staff, and resources on campus. 

screen-shot-2022-11-08-at-2.56.22-pm.pngDoctoral Summer Bridge 2022 Cohort 

Graduate Student Mentor Requirements:
  • Demonstrated commitment and ability to work towards retaining, motivating, and engaging historically marginalized students with intention and cultural humility.
  • Present and ongoing interest in mentoring, teaching, and/or supervising college students, students with disabilities, first-generation students, and/or economically disadvantaged students.
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Ability to communicate in mindful, meaningful, and effective ways in one-on-one, small group, and workshop settings.
  • Demonstrated commitment and patience when engaging with historically marginalized students.
  • The ability to attend the in-person on-campus program July 22nd-29th.
  • *Please note this program involves working over the weekend! (July 22nd, 23rd, and the morning of July 29th)

Graduate Student Mentor Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior experience mentoring, teaching, and/or supervising students in a peer setting.
  • Experience teaching and/or mentoring college students, students with disabilities, first-generation, Latinx, POC, and/or economically disadvantaged students.
  • Previous experience in a leadership/mentor role.
  • Doctoral Candidate.

Example Activities and Responsibilities to fulfill:

  • Mentors will receive a thorough introduction to GANAS Graduate Pathways, the GANAS Doctoral Summer Bridge Program, as well as to their development and mentorship responsibilities.
  • Participate in ongoing meetings with fellow grad mentors and GSC, as well as individual GANAS GSC meetings for feedback, sharing of best practices, and guidance.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will meet on a semi-regular basis over zoom, beginning in June, leading up to the in-person training day on July 21st. Meetings will be held with GANAS GSC and DSB staff as well as fellow program mentors.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will work with GANAS GSC and DSB staff to develop campus-familiarization activities and workshops (campus scavenger hunts; bus route + downtown scavenger hunts).
  • Graduate Student Mentors will be expected to attend all DSB meetings and trainings, both over zoom and in person. Please note in-person training will take place on July 21st, the Friday before the program begins.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will be expected to attend all DSB programming from July 22nd-29th.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will be expected to develop and present a research-related presentation to be shared with other mentors and DSB (this should be fun!).
  • Graduate Student Mentors will be expected to participate on a panel of the graduate student experience, sharing their own tips on navigating new academic and social surroundings, challenges they faced, and resources they used to address them.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will work closely with their group of Mentees during the program to encourage their retention, self-efficacy, and success in preparation for their individual Ph.D. program participation.
  • Graduate Student Mentors will be responsible for guiding their group of mentees throughout campus and informing them of campus policy as appropriate.

The Following Will be Provided to Graduate Student Mentors

  • Summer Fellowship: $1,500
  • Summer Program Housing: Housing and meals covered by GANAS DSB from July 22nd-29th.
  • Experience: A Very Nice Week in July!

*Please note that unfortunately, we are unable to accept international graduate student applications at this time due to the nature of the funding source.

All questions regarding the GANAS Doctoral Summer Bridge Program and Graduate Student Mentor position may be directed to GANAS Graduate Services Counselor, Angel Dominguez at


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