Welcome and Library Explorations

About the program

At our Welcome & Library Exploration a group of San Jose City College students have the opportunity to visit UC Santa Cruz for a tour of McHenry Library. On the visit you will explore the library’s journals and databases essential to research as an undergraduate at UCSC.


The tour is focused on helping students build their research skills, transfer knowledge, and familiarity with one of UCSC’s biggest resources as they work toward transferring to the university. Library access and research skills instruction provided as part of the event will empower students as they navigate their academic journey at UC Santa Cruz.

Who’s eligible?

You may be eligible for our Welcome and Library Exploration if you are:

  • A San Jose City College student participating in the Cultivamos Excelencia Research Scholars program

  • Other requirements?

What you’ll experience

You’ll visit McHenry Library, our library for the arts, humanities, and social sciences at UCSC. The building is named after the founding chancellor of the university, Dean E. McHenry and features beautiful architecture that blends into its forest surroundings. The library is designed around a four-story atrium surrounded entirely by glass walls. McHenry houses a café, study space, and special exhibits -- including the Grateful Dead archives.


On the visit you will:

  • Attend a welcome event with UC Santa Cruz faculty, staff, and transfer students

  • Receive a UCSC library card providing access to library resources and databases essential for research projects for the remainder of the academic year

  • Take part in a workshop familiarizing you with library facilities for future use

  • Visit the university bookstore

Interested? Contact Us!

We love to hear from students interested in our programs. For information about how to participate in our Welcome and Library Exploration please contact us.