MAPA Redesign of Math 2

About the program

Math 2 is a general undergraduate precalculus math course at UC Santa Cruz. The course is key to quantitative based majors, like STEM. Historically this class has been challenging for undergraduates and can serve as a key indicator of future math success at the university.  Through the HSI MAPA grant, UC Santa Cruz has closely looked at ways to improve teaching and support to undergraduates enrolled in Math 2.  


This redesigned Math 2 course:

  • focuses on deepening students’ critical thinking in a collaborative environment

  • includes small group discussion sessions with access to teaching and course assistants

  • low teacher-student ratios and more advising support

  • has increased use of technology

  • uses expanded course time


We’ve designed this course to provide rigorous coursework in a collaborative learning environment with broadened support and resources. Our goal is to ensure our MAPA Math 2 students are better prepared to pass this and future math courses at UCSC for their degree completion.

Who’s eligible?

You’re eligible for our redesigned Math 2 course if you are an undergraduate:

  • any student interested in taking Math 2 during Fall quarter. 

What you’ll experience

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