WORD Program

About the program

Writing Originating from Reading and Dialogue (WORD) is a completely FREE, 5-week seminar. WORD is meant to give students the knowledge, community, and resources to become better readers and writers as they prepare for their college-level coursework. Students that complete the program earn 2-unit university credits at no cost and receive academic advising prior to arriving at UC Santa Cruz.

What? Writing Originating from Reading and Dialogue (WORD) Summer Seminar

When? Five weeks during the Summer, typically during August - September.

  • In-class seminar: 3-weeks, (3 hours per day on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays on-site with one-hour online meetings on Wednesdays)
  • Online component: 2-weeks (meeting twice a week for one hour)

Where? At regional locations throughout California.

How much? FREE

Why? WORD offers students an incredible opportunity to get ahead and make new friends. They can earn course credit and receive academic advising with an EOP Counselor in preparation for their first year of college.


The WORD program ran from Summer 2016 - Summer 2020 and 403 students were served during that time period. Currently, the program is not active.  


"From those 5 weeks, I learned so much. I learned how to be an active reader, how to use metacognitive rules, how to think critically, and much more. I believe that these skills will not only be useful for my writing classes but other subjects as well. [The instructors] did an AWESOME job at providing us with useful knowledge. Not only did I gain knowledge, I gained friendships which I’m very grateful for as I thought I would be alone." 

- WORD student, 2020