Let's Talk w/Niki Severson, LCSW

Let’s Talk is a drop-in service offering UCSC students a chance to stop by for a brief, confidential conversation with a professional counselor to receive consultation, support, advice, and/or referrals.


How does it work?

  • Students will meet with a counselor one at a time.
  • Sessions are 20 minutes on average. If you are placed into the virtual waiting room, please wait and your turn will come up soon.
  • All students are welcome.
  • Let’s Talk consultations are FREE, confidential, and drop-in: No appointment necessary!

About Niki

Niki is a white and Latinx, cisgender female, straight-identified, clinical social worker. She has lived in many places including on both coasts, but was born and raised in CA and received all her higher education through the UC system (UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz). She was a first-generation college student. Niki came to her work as a therapist by way of a background in academia, education, and research in public health and social work focused on health inequities in marginalized groups. Previous to UCSC Niki worked in community mental health, most recently running a day treatment center in Salinas, CA. Niki works from a feminist, social justice framework and sees therapy as a collaborative process of transformation that is often connected to larger processes of social change. She strives to create a relaxed, open atmosphere in which students can explore challenges and move towards feeling more connected to themselves and others.
Niki welcomes all students, particularly 1st generation and graduate students, with a special attention to topics of identity development, gender and sexuality, family and romantic relationships, and religion/belief systems.